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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snaps From The Cutting Room

With Director's Commentary

An excerpt from one of many provocative exchanges in A Serbian Film.

The dreaded "money shot", again from A Serbian Film.

Simon, King Of The Witches.  Mystic for hire.
Incidentally, I've had this same conversation with dates after dinner and a movie.

Gosh, they grow up so fast these days!
Some cordial bonding via Don't Go Near The Park.

Gimme head.
The pièce de résistance from Jean Rollin's subliminal Grapes of Death.

Damn the naysayers, staring at cleavage is its own reward.
Denise and Archie from Blood Car.

What's your sign?
The Clown from Devil Girl advertises for the love of the Lord.

A post coital moment between man and beast from Island Of Death.
You'd think this poor goat has been put through enough, but nope.

Say cheese!
Night Of The Demons gets another day in the sun.

 Stupid monkey, there's naked girls at 3 o'clock!
Laura Gemser and Monica Zanchi discover a friend in
Emanuelle And The Last Cannibals.

Who knew shower sex could get so complicated?
Andrea Rau's moment of expiration in Daughters Of Darkness.

Apparently it's not only Timex that can take a licking.
Hallway foreplay courtesy of Mansion Of The Living Dead.

This wasn't in the brochure!
A disturbed Lina Romay not taking kindly to her
Satanic "initiation" in Mansion Of The Living Dead.

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