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Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cricket

Bringin' the fat bass-lines like few can,
Eric Wilson found fame as the 4-string terrorist for Sublime.
After singer Brad's demise he would drop the dub for
Long Beach Dub Allstars as well as a number of other projects.
He turns 42 today.

Here's their video for "Date Rape"
co-starring your friend and mine, Ron Jeremy


  1. Saw Sublime a few times. The best was at a little local collage venue in Riverside CA. It was during the 40 oz to freedom days before they made it to MTV. One of the best shows from any band I ever saw.

    Saw ‘em again at the height of MTV radio play at the palace in LA and Bradley could hardly stand. They blew through there catalog then left, the two opening acts had four times more stage time that night.

  2. I have quite a few Riverside boots from them, wouldn't be surprised if I have that performance.

    I discovered Sublime when I found 40oz. (the original release before the sample edits) in a used record shop here in late '92 before they garnered any national attention. Kinda bummed me out when my little secret hit the big time. 40oz. is still required listening whenever I hit the beach.
    They put on a really good show at The Warped Tour here in '95.