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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Donaggio Does DePalma

For the first musical selection available here at the blog
I'd like to offer a long out of print soundtrack compilation.

It features musical selections composed and arranged by famed
genre soundscape maestro Pino Donaggio for several of Brian DePalma's efforts.

It's a rare one, so grab it while you can and enjoy!

01. Carrie (1976): Contest Winners
02. Carrie (1976): Bucket of Blood
03. Carrie (1976): For The Last Time We'll Pay
04. Home Movies: Main Title Theme (1980)  
05. Dressed To Kill (1980): The Shower (Theme from Dressed To Kill)  
06. Dressed To Kill (1980): The Museum  
07. Dressed To Kill (1980): Liz and Peter  
08. Dressed To Kill (1980): The Transformation - The Storm - The Revelation  
09. Blow Out (1981): Prelude (End Title)  
10. Blow Out (1981): Blow Out  
11. Blow Out (1981): Fire Works  
12. Blow Out (1981): Sally's Death  
13. Body Double (1984): Claustrophoby  
14. Body Double (1984): Love And Menace
15. Body Double (1984): Drill Of Death  
16. Body Double (1984): Mental Chase
17. Body Double (1984): Brain Hunt
18. Body Double (1984): Body Double


  1. Hi there. Can you re-upload this album please? The link is not available anymore.

    Thank you very much for any help.