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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Inaugural Post

The Perfunctory Inaugural Halloween Post.

Happy All Hallow's to any of you who might have stumbled onto the Coitus And Carnage Blogspot!  The aim of the site will be to revel in and celebrate all the things that excite and inspire the author; whether it be film, music, a titillating picture, something notable found on the web, or even just stream of consciousness musings.  The site will attempt to post as much original content as possible, with a primary focus on Horror films (including reviews, articles and editorials). For the people with limited attention spans, the site will also be plenty rich in pretty and provocative pictures, stills, screen captures, periodical scans and anything else deemed worthy from the author's vast array of resources.  A monthly podcast will also be offered here that will span all musical genres - finally fulfilling the author's long lived dream of being a disc jockey.  Hopefully the Coitus And Carnage Blogspot becomes a guilty little pleasure where you'll find a wealth of material you'll find informative, amusing, titillating and delightfully deranged.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by.  It's a celebration, bitches!

So without further ado, for my inaugural posts I'll be sharing some slightly obscure Hammer Film posters.
Infernally Yours  ;)

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